How To Prepare for Star Wars VII

Brace yourselves for the next stage of the journey

The long-awaited release of the latest Star Wars episode is almost here and fans of the stellar series are preparing for what’s sure to be a massive box office smash!

It’ll be great to finally have another film to discuss with like-minded friends along with all of the promotional products that follow a new Star Wars movie.

Travel back in time to re-live the wonder

Build the excitement in the lead up to the much anticipated premiere by bringing your Star Wars A-game and re-watching the first six Star Wars movies to make the first viewing of the latest instalment all the more thrilling!

We all know that The Force Awakens will be out of this world, but it’s often easy to forget the other plot points of past storylines in the series so now’s the time to brush up on your Star Wars trivia.

One of the best ways to get into the spirit of the franchise is to bring together friends who are also huge fans of the series to have a Star Wars-themed movie night.

Dinner Parties with a Difference

For a cosmically cool Star Wars themed gathering to bring the fun for you and your equally Star Wars-mad mates, why not serve up some intergalactic delights like desserts with Star Wars insignia. Alternatively, go all out and design your own Star Wars cake.

A few ideas for perfectly on point party games:

Celebrity Heads Star Wars edition: try and guess who is who, from Chewy to Yoda.

Another oldie but goldie is a Star Wars board game or you could always pull up some Star Wars fan fiction for comic relief.

On the Day

Make the celebrations for Star Wars VII an event to remember by dressing up as one of the stars of the series on the day. Cosplay is now easier than ever to pull off with its growing popularity, so there’s no reason why you can’t fully immerse yourself in the experience by adopting the look of your favourite character from the Galactic Empire.

Get in the zone by playing the Clone Wars videogame and reliving the wonders of the franchise the night before viewing the film. There’s also the free RPG Star Wars: Uprising which is focused on the movie.

Stuck for costume ideas? Costume Crazy will inspire you with our wide range of Star Wars cosplay options. We have outfits to make George Lucas and JJ Abrams proud, from Queen Amidala dress, classic Jedi Knights or Darth Vader garb for true devotees.