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Lego Ninjago Costumes

Ninjago was introduced in early 2010 by Lego, which featured a range of Lego sets and a television series. As of 2017, there has been 7 series of Ninjago and the 21st of September 2017 the first Ninjago movie was released.

Ninjago is home to Ancient villages and modern cities. The First Master of Spinjitzu had 2 sons, Garmadon and Wu. They were intrusted to guard the four golden weapons: The Numjucks of Lightning, the Sword of Fire, the Scythe of Quakes, and the Shurikens of Ice. 

After there fathers death, Garmadon was corupted by the Great devourer and his aim was to use the four golden weapons to create evil in Ninjago. Garmadon and his younger brother Wu, fought a great battle. Wu Banished Garmadon to the underworld after his victory. 

Master Wu then took the four golden weapons to all parts of Ninjago to hide from his evil brother. Who in the mean time had taken control over the Skulkin Army. Master Wu, intrusted 4 young ninja's to look after the four golden weapons from falling into the wrong hands. These Ninja's are Jay, Master of Lightning, Kai, Master of Fire, Zane, Master of Ice and Cole, Master of Earth.


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Jay deluxe Ninjago Costume

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Lloyd Prestige Ninjago Costume

Jay Prestige Ninjago Costume

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5 Product(s) Found