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Easter Costumes for Adults

Hop Hop Hop into Easter with one our fantastic Easter Bunny Costumes. Costume Crazy stocks a wide range of Easter Costumes, From Easter bunnies, to Religous costumes, such as Jesus, Mary, Josepth and shepherds. Our Deluxe Easter Bunny Costume has been our best seller over the last couple of years.

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to save us all from original sin. 

Easter Bunny Origins

The origins of the Easter bunny have many theories. One such theory relates back to a pagan tradition and the festival of Eostre, which celebrated the goddess of Fertility, whose animal symbol was a bunny. Bunnies or Rabbits are known for their fertility, due to there energetic breeding. Eggs represent new life & hundreds of years ago the church did not allow eggs to be consumed during lent. However, once again allowing them to be consumed on Easter.

Russian families in the 19th century started exchaning decorated eggs on easter and that tradition grew worldwide. 

Easter Costumes

Costume Crazy stock a wide range of Easter Costumes from Easter Bunnies, Chicken Costumes and religous costumes, such as Jesus, Mary and Josepth.  You are sure to find the costume you need in our online store.