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Easter Costumes for Adults

Hop Hop Hop into Easter with one our fantastic Easter Bunny Costumes. Costume Crazy stocks a wide range of Easter Costumes, From Easter bunnies, to Religous costumes, such as Jesus, Mary, Josepth and shepherds. Our Deluxe Easter Bunny Costume has been our best seller over the last couple of years.

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to save us all from original sin. 

Easter Bunny Origins

The origins of the Easter bunny have many theories. One such theory relates back to a pagan tradition and the festival of Eostre, which celebrated the goddess of Fertility, whose animal symbol was a bunny. Bunnies or Rabbits are known for their fertility, due to there energetic breeding. Eggs represent new life & hundreds of years ago the church did not allow eggs to be consumed during lent. However, once again allowing them to be consumed on Easter.

Russian families in the 19th century started exchaning decorated eggs on easter and that tradition grew worldwide. 

Easter Costumes

Costume Crazy stock a wide range of Easter Costumes from Easter Bunnies, Chicken Costumes and religous costumes, such as Jesus, Mary and Josepth.  You are sure to find the costume you need in our online store.

Buy Easter Costumes For Adults From Costume Crazy

For a wide range of amazing Easter costumes to browse and buy, look no further than Costume Crazy! We are a brand that delivers on both choice and service to provide you with everything that you need to throw, or attend, an awesome Easter party.

We are the best place to buy your costumes and accessories for Easter and you can carry on reading to find out a little bit more about why that is and why we are the only place online that you need to shop at.

Why Costume Crazy Is The Best Place To Buy Easter Costumes

Easter is a time of the year that brings family and friends together to spend quality time. A fun themed party is a great way to make this event even more exciting and our Easter costumes are the perfect addition to any Easter occasion.

Below, you can read more about why we are the best choice when it comes to choosing Easter costumes for adults.

  • Thousands Of Costumes online To Choose From - When you shop at Costume Crazy, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice! There are over 50,000 items to choose from in our warehouse and you won’t find a bigger range anywhere else for your Easter party.
  • No matter what the occasion is, we know that we will have the right costume and party items for you. Many people also choose us for their costumes as we offer many that are not available anywhere else in the country, so the chances of you turning up in the same costume as someone else is very slim.
  • Check out our unique range of Easter costumes now – we have Easter bunny outfits, religious costumes, sexy bunny costumes, a fun white rabbit child’s costume and the cutest baby bunny outfits. 
  • Express Delivery - Need your party costume as soon as possible? We’re here to help! Costume Crazy can provide you with the ease and convenience of delivering your costume straight to your door. We offer lots of different delivery options and, best of all, we offer express delivery for those who do not have time to waste and need their costume right now. 
  • Range Of Payment Options - When shopping at Costume Crazy, you will be glad to hear that there is a range of payment options for you to pick and choose from. Customers can pay via Mastercard or Visa, but we understand that not everyone is comfortable with paying by card online, which is why we also offer PayPal as another payment method.  

How To Contact Costume Crazy Today 

Before buying your Easter costume, we understand that you may have some questions for our team. You can contact our staff today on 02 9822 5346 or we also have an online enquiry form over on our contact page which we will respond to as quickly as possible.

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