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1920's Costumes & Gangster Costumes

The 1920s was the era of flappers and dappers – the rebellious guys and gals who frequented speakeasies and danced all night. Prohibition was in full effect and having a good time meant people were forced to socialize underground; most establishments had a special knock or code required for entry.

Although there were many dark, dingy speakeasies in the 1920s, today’s theme revolves around the high class establishments that housed gangsters and their molls. In fact, 1920s gangster costumes have become extremely popular in recent years, as well as other types of costumes from the 1920s.

What Defines a 1920s Costume?

1920s flapper costumes for girls are all about luxurious fabrics like dark velvet, faux fur, and fringe. A typical 1920s woman wore lots of heavy makeup, with lots of feathered, fringed accessories.

A must-have for any flapper costume is a hip flask strapped to the leg, which really ties the Prohibition theme together!

1920s costumes for guys are inspired by the gangsters of that era, meaning silk suits, chunky jewellery and, of course, a swanky gun. What gangster costume is complete without the signature Uzi machine gun?

The easiest way to pull gangster costumes together is to pair a pin-striped suit with braces, a fedora hat, and a cigar.

1920s Party Inspiration

If you’re still having trouble picturing the 1920s scene, Google the Great Gatsby or take some time to watch the movie.

Some ideas for throwing a gangster and flapper costumes party include serving Absinthe in crystal glasses, playing silent films on a projector screen, and playing jazz music in the background.

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44 Product(s) Found