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Superhero Costumes & Villian Costumes

One of the best parts about dressing up is taking on the role of a different person… and who wouldn’t want to be someone with superhuman powers for a day? 

The very first superhero ever engineered was The Phantom, who originated in 1936, followed by Superman in 1938. As time went on, superheroes became extremely popular, and captured the attention of both children and adults alike.

Now, you too can be a real-life superhero with one of our superhero costumes like Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, or other crime-fighting vigilante. Prefer the darker side of superhuman power? Play your favourite villain instead, by choosing from one of our villain costumes like Harley Quinn, Bane, Darth Vader, and more!

No matter which side you choose, we have the perfect selection of heroes and villains costumes for you.

Superhero Checklist

So, what do you need to be a superhero?

  1. A secret identity
  2. Supernatural powers, exceptional skills or advanced equipment
  3. A distinctive costume
  4. A strong moral code

Villain Checklist

Playing the villain takes a special type of criminal mind. Here’s what you need:

  1. Genius intellect
  2. Aspiration for world domination
  3. A megalomaniac streak
  4. A bad attitude

Here are some fun superheroes and villains facts that might surprise you:

  • Darth Vader was inspired by Marvel’s Dr. Doom
  • There is a Marvel superhero called “Squirrel Girl”
  • There is a 1940s Buddhist superhero called the Green Lama
  • Editor in chief at Marvel comics believes that, “While parents should be role models for life, superheroes remind a child of the moral compass necessary to navigate a universe fraught with thrills and danger.”

Browse Our Collection, Today!

With the largest selection of superhero costumes Australia-wide, you’re bound to find the perfect costume for your next party or dress-up event.

With a superhero costume from Costume Crazy, you’re destined for greatness. On the other hand, if you’re ready to take over the world, one of our villain costumes is right up your alley.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our giant selection of superhero and villain costumes below and choose your side!

472 Product(s) Found

472 Product(s) Found