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Wolverine Costume

Draw your claws and prepare to fight alongside the X-Men team, with a popular Wolverine costume from Costume Crazy! Whether you’re attending a birthday, Halloween or other type of costume party, our X-Men Origins Wolverine costume is perfect for both men and children!

Interesting Facts About Wolverine

Wolverine, also known as James Howlett, was born in 1845 and possesses deadly claws that protrude from his knuckles, along with the superhuman ability to heal himself or recover from an ailment almost instantaneously.

Wolverine’s claws were originally bone claws but were later changed to a fictional metal called adamantium. His claws are exceptionally durable and can cut through almost any material.

FUN FACT: A wolverine is actually a real animal, which is part of the weasel family.

What goes into a Wolverine Origins Costume?

At Costume Crazy, you’ll find the classic Wolverine Origins costume, complete with the bright blue and yellow jumpsuit, iconic X-Men belt buckle, famous Wolverine mask and lethal Wolverine claws.

For our kids’ Wolverine costume, you can choose from the full suit with muscles or without. It’s up to you!

Want to purchase our high-quality Deluxe Wolverine X-Men mask, separately? Browse our range of accessories, where you’ll also find realistic makeup, wigs, masks and more, to help accentuate your outfit!

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Browse through our collection of Wolverine costumes below and dress up as your favourite clawed superhero at your next costume party!

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4 Product(s) Found