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Halloween Costumes Australia Online

Although Halloween is typically an American holiday, Australians love to host Halloween parties (mostly because they’re great excuses to dress up!). Traditionally celebrated on October 31st, Halloween (or All Hallow’s Eve) was originally created to humour, ridicule and confront the power of death.

Halloween costumes were traditionally modelled after scary supernatural characters like vampires, ghosts and witches. In more recent years the tradition has evolved and people have begun to dress up as a wide range of characters. The most popular Halloween costume choices include Disney princesses, superheroes and villains, celebrities, and generic characters like ninjas and pirates.

Choosing a Halloween Costume

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume? The best way to make a selection is to pick a character or theme that you like.

We make it incredibly easy to search for costumes, whether you’re looking for movie characters, celebrities, and even zombies, pirates or ninjas.

We know that being comfortable and enjoying yourself is the most important aspect of dressing up. That’s why we’ve tagged every item in our huge selection of over 30,000 costumes and accessories by size, theme and letter. We also provide photos, sizing information, and accurate descriptions to ensure that your costume will be the perfect fit for you.

Making Your Costume Authentic

If you want to go all out, the best way to make your look authentic is to invest in a deluxe costume, as well as makeup and accessories. Accessories are the perfect way to add a little something extra and really tie a look together.

If you’re feeling festive and want a more practical accessory to store items like your phone and wallet in, you’ll love our pumpkin baskets and themed bags!

Popular Costume Ideas for Halloween

Guys: The Joker, Superman, Mad Hatter

Girls: Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Miss Krueger

Kids: Zombie Hunter, Spider Queen Princess, Charm School Witch

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For costume idea inspiration, browse our huge selection of Halloween costumes below.  Pick up a killer outfit today and be the best-dressed guest at the next party you attend!

694 Product(s) Found

694 Product(s) Found