How to Dress Like Your Favourite Superhero Daily

Spice up your everyday outfits by showing off your heroic style

Who doesn’t love a good superhero costume? Most of us grew up watching or reading about amazing action heroes with super human strength and their equally fantastical lives.

It’s clear from rise of adaptations featuring Marvel superheroes that superhero stories continue to influence our lives. Some inspire us to stand up for what we believe in and others are villains we love to hate!

If you adore a certain character and have no superhero costume parties coming up – why not look at our list of superhero costume ideas?

You can dress like your favourite hero or villain in surprisingly simple ways. Read on to find out how adult superhero costumes can be made from your current wardrobe.

Hero Fashion Sense

Some superheroes are simply the bomb and you can’t go wrong with the classic, timeless style of these legendary characters—they’re easier to channel than you might think.

  1. Clark Kent: an off-duty Superman is a smooth way to show off your inner hero in a subtly awesome way. All you need are smart and sexy specs, a briefcase that shows you mean business and maybe a sneaky ‘S’ tee underneath it all so you can keep your superpowers close to your chest.
  2. Wonder Woman: for the super women among us, this look is easy to achieve but packs a punch! The strength of the colours is key to her style, so try wearing a kickass red top, bright blue pants and gold bling to show ‘em who’s boss!
  3. Spiderman: superhero stuff that can work for both guys and girls—Spidey’s boots or copy the gorgeous Gwen Stacy with a sweet headband and coat.

Wicked Looks

We’ve also come to love the baddies in comics, so why not shake things up and dress up with a twist—your friends are sure to marvel at your imaginative style!

Try these fabulously fiendish outfits:

  1. Magneto: all you need is some electric purple and red to emulate this distinctive mutant.
  2. Dark Phoenix: a red and yellow bodycon dress is a sure fire way to let loose your devilish side.
  3. The Riddler: a vile green villain if we ever saw one!  Try a shamrock coloured jacket, tie or dress to channel your inner antihero.