Halloween Costumes For You And Your Pet

Why not dress up with your best friend this spooky season?

These days, our four-legged fur babies are as much part of our family as the two-legged members, so it makes sense that we want to share special celebrations with animal costumes.

Occasions like Halloween are a great opportunity to do something a little out of the ordinary. If you’re keen to celebrate this October 31, but the humans around you lack your enthusiasm, why not dress up with your feline or canine best friend?

It’s a great talking point and, if you step out to trick-or-treat with Rover decked out in matching creepy costumes, you’re both sure to receive plenty of attention!

Check out our suggestions for a scarily good outfit for your favourite furball!

Man’s scariest friend

Here at Costume Crazy, we don’t just cater for human dress-ups, we also offer a range of distinctive and varied dog costumes that you’ll both be drooling over!

For the Dogs!

Black and white suits everyone so a Zelda Wisdom prisoner dog outfit is a quirky way for your partner in crime to join in the fun!

Or if you’re after more of a thriller, why not buy your pet a Michael Jackson costume, complete with trademark ‘fro.

Our wide range of outfits for owners and their pets guarantees that you’ll find the perfect outfit for terrifyingly terrific coordinated looks!

Dog Halloween costumes can also include you. If you plan on twinning it with your canine buddy, you could try dressing up like The King, with your pup in an identical sequined jumpsuit.

Or make like Captain Jack Sparrow and sail the seven seas with your salty dog in tow.

A purr-fect pairing

We haven’t forgotten the cat lovers—don’t be a scaredy-cat, sink your claws into these creative kitty cat costumes:

Cat Woman

We have slinky jumpsuits for Halloween-bound owners to rival their kitty’s prowl.

Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat

This fun getup would be a clever costume for the owner who wants to strut their stuff alongside their feline friend.

Scarily simple costumes

If you’d like to try your paws at a bit of DIY, you’d be surprised at just how easy it can be to pull together a one-of-a-kind Halloween outfit.

To inspire the creative process, here are a few awesome owner and animal costume combos:


This dead-simple costume requires a white sheet altered to size with cut-out eyes and you’ll be a terrible twosome!


Basically anything orange and green will do—try a bright pumpkin-coloured shift and a green hat for you and your best four-legged mate!

Image credit: Charlot West, Mike McCune & Lori Erickson